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What is SPAM?
Any form of unsolicited advertising through email, newsgroups, IRC posts, and/or instant messaging clients. Any SPAM complaint regarding a our Affiliate is cause for immediate termination. This is a very serious matter. DO NOT send email to anyone who has not made a specific request for information.

What types of advertising are considered SPAM?
  • Bulk emailing (sending an email advertisement to persons listed on an email address lead list). Advertising with bulk email services (companies who will send an email advertisement to persons listed on an email address lead list for you) will be grounds for immediate account termination.
  • Newsgroup Posting. Posting commercial messages is spam and any complaints from newsgroup moderators about an affiliate will be grounds for immediate account termination.
  • IRC/IM Clients Unsolicited messages through any media, including chat rooms and instant messages is considered SPAM and will be grounds for immediate account termination.


Can I use a bulk email list from a company that sells the email addresses of people who have previously agreed to join a mailing list?
No. The people on these lists may have forgotten that they joined, or didn't know what type of content that they were requesting when they submitted their email address.

Can I avoid bulk emailing by sending my advertisements one at a time?
No, it's not "bulk emailing," but it will be received by people who have not asked you for it, and that is considered SPAM.

What forms of advertising can your webmasters use?
Any form of advertising which targets legal sources of traffic are more than welcome so long as they are not done via unsolicited means.

Are sales from Opt-in and/or Double Opt-in mailing lists acceptable?
Sales generated through the traffic sent from both single and double opt-in mailing lists are UNacceptable.

Single Opt-in - With a single opt-in mailing list, an address is automatically added to an email distribution list as soon as it's submitted.

Double Opt-in - With double opt-in, the submitted address is not immediately added to this list. Instead, an email is first sent to the address, requesting confirmation that this address should indeed be added to the list.

What happens to your affiliates who choose to SPAM?
Any our affiliate who SPAMS will have their account immediately terminated and all monies earned will be suspended.

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